Builidng Better Caregivers

A  FREE 6 WEEK INTERNET CLASS  for Family members and informal caregivers who are veterans or who take care of veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD) or Dementia, or Doctor Diagnosed Memory Impairment

If you are feeling any physical or emotional stress related to assisting a veteran with his/her healthcare needs, you may benefit from participation in an internet Training/Workshop.  Focus will be on stress reduction, learning about VA and community resources, and skills to increase effective communication with the veteran and with the health care team. Learn about better self care and dealing with difficult emotions.

Interested participants may be eligible if living in California, Southern Nevada or Hawaii.  A caregiver can be any relative, partner, friend or neighbor who has a significant personal relationship with the patient and provides at least 10 hours of assistance for someone with TBI, PTSD, Dementia, or Doctor Diagnosed Memory Impairment. 

- Free 6 Week Course with 24 hour access
- Discussion groups
- Support groups
- Online health journal & management tools
- Access educational materials related to TBI, PTSD & Dementia

To Enroll in this study or to learn more about it, please go to:
or Call:  (877)820-8820

From a VA New Release